It’s real magic!”

-HRH Prince of Wales


The best magic I’ve ever seen!”

-Ed Sheeran


Always 5 steps ahead!”

– Sachin Tendulkar


How on earth did you do that!”

-Simon Cowell


Boom how yuh did that!”

– Yohan Blake


Do you still think you know how he did that?”

– MS Dhoni



– Sir Alex Ferguson


Romil was absolutely outstanding  … my card tricks are usually reserved for 8 year old birthday parties on the weekend, but this guy was ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL!”

– Shane Warne


An accomplished magician, and member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Romil has been performing at high end events around the country for the past four years. Having mesmerised everyone from Sir Alex Ferguson and Sachin Tendulkar to Ed Sheeran and HRH Prince Charles, Romil has a growing following both in the UK and in areas as far as India and Australia. A student of Psychology at Oxford University, Romil has developed a unique understanding of people; this not only helps him to create even more amazing illusions, but also to understand exactly what your guests will find entertaining at your event. Combining artful misdirection with impeccable sleight of hand, Romil will take your guests through a journey of magic and mystery that will be nothing short of miraculous.



You want people to remember your event! If Romil is there, they will. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, Christmas party or gala dinner Romil’s performances are consistently seen as the highlight. People do not forget miracles, especially when they happen right in front of their eyes. Even if they’ve seen magic before, Romil’s unique blend of old principles and new technology will provide them with an experience that they have never seen before.

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You want your guests, clients, friends and family to remember you, and your event long into the future. As such, Romil can tailor his magic and props to represent your brand or event. Whether this be by specially printing cards with your logo or designing uniquely themed tricks that represent your company or event.



You want your guests to have fun at your event! When Romil performs, he involves several members of the audience, and ensures that everyone is able to have a good time. Magic provides a great ice breaker for your guests, and the buzz that it provides really does lift the vibe of the room.



The most important thing about Romil’s magic is that the audience enjoy it. Every aspect of every routine has your guests in mind. Having been performing for 5 years, Romil has the experience, and more importantly the wit, to ensure that all spectators enjoy the performance, whether they be magic lovers, hecklers, children, parents, grandparents, your boss, your boss’s boss, your boss’s boss’s boss. Romil can take everyone back to that time when miracles were possible, and make you forget everything else, even if it is just for a split second. It really is pure magic! Book now to avoid disappointment.


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