Boom how yuh did that!”

– Yohan Blake

Always 5 steps ahead!”

– Sachin Tendulkar


Do you still think you know how he did that?”

– MS Dhoni


– Sir Alex Ferguson


Romil was absolutely outstanding … my card tricks are usually reserved for 8 year old birthday parties on the weekend, but this guy was


– Shane Warne


Let me tell you, he is

 top draw!”

– David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd


An accomplished magician, Romil’s magical journey began in his teenage years when he saw a magician turn a deck of cards into a  glass block. Ever since, he has endeavoured to explore the psychology behind the world’s most secretive art. Combining misdirection and sleight of hand, Romil takes his audiences through a journey of magic and mystery that is nothing short of miraculous. Using objects from cards to coins, and ice to phones, Romil makes ordinary objects do extraordinary things.

So don’t hesitate to book him for your next event. You won’t be disappointed!!!

RBS 002

Christmas and New Years

Christmas is a most magical time of year. If you are having a Christmas party, hiring Romil to entertain your guests will be a brilliant way to ensure that your party is one to remember. Whether Romil performs on the stage to all of the guests at once, or close-up tricks, moving from group to group or table to table, we can guarantee that your guests will have a great time, but be sure to book early around christmas time, as spaces fill up fast.

Wim 11

Table and Close-up

This is better suited for groups of around 10 people either seated at tables or socialising around a room. It is perfect for audience of all ages and guarantees to keep them entertained at your event. It also acts as a great ice-breaker for guests.


Weddings and Receptions

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events of your life, so it’s important to ensure that that the big day is entertaining for all your friends and family. Whether it’s on the wedding day itself or during the reception, magic can help to break the ice between guests and provide light entertainment during quieter parts of the day such as wedding photos, or even around tables during the dinner. Romil can perform illusions suitable for all different ages and is the perfect way to ensure make sure that your wedding day is an unforgettable one.

Romil Performing for Deputy Prime  Minister Nick Clegg

Corporate Events

Whether it is to break the ice between clients during drinks, or entertain at tables during dinners, Romil is suited to all situations during corporate events. From making meetings more exciting, to entertaining at conferences and receptions, Romil has illusions suited to all situations. Performing  for everyone from top banks to premium sports hospitality including at the cricket and tennis, Romil’s magic is perfect for your next corporate event.



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